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HMRC can raid a practice just on whistle blowing?

I do not know if there any truth to the rumour below so I will only mention it in very general terms.

An accountant's office was raided recently by HMRC/Police for money laundering. The search of the premises resulted in a very large amount of cash being found. The accountant has been arrested and all the computers were taken away for further investigation. That is all I know so far.

This just worries me. The point on my mind is can this just happen on whistle blowing by the client or member of the public? There has to be some hard evidence for the raid to take place?

What would happen if a client whistle blows and says accountant X is doing something highly illegal with client affairs? What would be next step? Raid by HMRC/Police? This does not sound right.

Please put my mind at rest on this.


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I suppose it depends on how stupid the accountant was

ShirleyM |
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I wouldn't worry about it

Locutus |
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This helps

FirstTab |
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If you have nothing to worry about .....

Steve Holloway |
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