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HMRC claim tax return was late

One of our clients has just received a letter from HMRC which says:

"our records show that you filed your self assessment tax return late last year."

The letter then goes on to threaten penalties if the 2011/12 return is late.

This is all very well, but this client's 2010/11 tax return was submitted, online, on 11 January 2012. We received an e-mail from HMRC on 11 January 2012 confirming receipt. HMRC's online services shows that this client's 2011 tax return was received on 11 January 2012. The client was not charged any penalty for a late tax return.

All of this indicates that the tax return was not late. I've no idea why HMRC think the return was late. There's no address or phone number on the letter and, of course, it's not been signed. No doubt this will get blamed on some computer problem. 

Doesn't look good for RTI does it?

Has anyone else had similar issues?

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P.S. Sorry it's all in one

stephenkendrew |

HMRC sent a letter without

bernard michael |


stephenkendrew |

We have not received anything like this

Euan MacLennan |
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Possible explanation

MarionMorrison |
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contact addresses

codling |

Also received same letter

Martin B |

Purely out of curiosity (

bernard michael |

Tried the agents helpline

stephenkendrew |

Did you ask him why no

bernard michael |

Ah - know this one

MarionMorrison |
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HMRC Claim self assessment was late

robert |

HMRC random letters

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