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HMRC Customer Survey 2014

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, KAI Project Group, Customer Survey Team.

It reads:

I am writing to ask for your help in a very important study the HM Revenue & Customs is carrying out. The aim of the study is to help us to provide a high quality service that enables out customers to understand and meet their tax oblgations and their entitlements.

We have appointed an independent research company, TNS BMRB, to contact a random sample of our customers to find out what they think of the service we provide. For example, were the forms and processes clear, and did you find it easy or difficult to contact us?

Representatives from TNS BMRB will be making telephone calls over the next few weeks. If they contact you we hope that you will be able to spare some time to take part in the survey. None of the questions will ask for details of your personal or organisation's tax affairs and TNS BMRB will not give us the names of those interviewed.

The letter does continue saying I could contact them for more information or opt not to participate.


I cannot tell from the letter as such as to if this is a survey of self assessment taxpayers or of tax agents. I got the phone call today and I was able to postpone the survey for a couple of weeks. It appears that they were targetting me as a tax agent rather than as a taxpayer.


So has any other tax agent received such a letter and participated in the survey. If so, what was involved in the survey?

Should I be concerned that I have been selected for this survey?


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Either way you have to admire

bernard michael |

I was surveyed 6 months ago

mr. mischief |
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@ mr mischief

Flash Gordon |

Is one of the 2 getting your

bernard michael |

I have done a couple of these

seventax |

Thanks for letting me know

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