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HMRC - A pat on the back

Not a question but I've started so I've finished.

Recently had dealings with HMRC in relation to farily complex VAT issues.

HMRC get quite a bad write up on here and I admit/agree that most of the criticism is justified.  The frustration at the recorded messages, endless ringing out, slow updates, daft security questions not to mention lost half hours here and there that all add up.

However, the recent dealings I've had with HMRC in relation to VAT have actually been quite enjoyable!  The team and our primary contact knew their stuff and were first class as far as communication and the assistance offered - even no and again showing a sense of humour and common sense.

So, just a pat on the back for HMRC in this case, they are widely criticised but in this instance were absolutely spot on.

I await the sarcastic replies.........

Must be a Friday feeling


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