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HMRC Portal frozen

More of an observation rather than a question.

HMRC online portal hasnt updated any information for over a week now.

We have had refund received via our client account that show as still with HMRC, filed returns which havent been captured, added people via online authorisation which havent popped up on client lists.

Not just us, agent helpline staff cannot see live data either.

Online services have confirmed receipt of our filings and say there is a problem but no clue as to what or when it will be sorted.

Main concern is our early filing which are mainly refunds which are being held up as auto refund as per return as almost always conveniently ignored.


Anyone else??

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Has anyone got through on the phone?

bbsltd |

ha ha ha

mr. mischief |
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it's true

mr. mischief |
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It will be a miracle..........

nigelburge |
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HMRC are aware of the problem

K81 |
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How hard can it be?

mr. mischief |
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