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HMRC sends letters to 1,500 scheme users

The BBC reported last week that HMRC's "Specialist Investigations Unit" was sending out 1,500 pre-emptive letters to users of a particular tax scheme suggesting it might be in their best interests to stop using it, and warning that it now viewed them as high-risk.

"You are in the small minority of people who have made the deliberate choice to avoid tax. We focus our resources on this small minority. The choice that you have made changes the way we view your tax affairs," the letter warned, adding that as well as carrying out a full investigation into the scheme, it would open an enquiry into the person's tax affairs."

Have any members seen one of these, or know any of the background to the scheme?

Are you worried by the pre-emptive nature of the attack and that it may have opened a worrying new door in the dash for cash, or is it quite a smart move to discourage aggressive tax schemes. What would you advise your clients to do, and how would you deal with the SIU? (Speaking of which, has anyone heard of this outfit before?).

We'll be following up with a news piece, so any information from the community will be most helpul - thanks.

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Some mistake?

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BBC Panorama

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Not a tax person!

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Apologies John

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