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HMRC Tax Investigations-accountants workiing papers

I have just come back from a seminar on tax investigations hosted by an ex Inspector of Taxes and I was surprised to hear him say that you don’t have to handover accountants working papers, although they may have been requested. As unlike the legal system the tax payer ‘is guilty until proven innocent’ I have always checked the working papers to ensure that they support my arguments and handed over working papers to HMRC. I would be interested to hear whether it is common practice not to hand over working papers to HMRC in an investigation and what are the experiences of accountants who have done this.

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Not Legally Required

MarionMorrison |
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completely agree with Marion

justsotax |

To there benefit !

refs8 |

Be specific

littlemoaner |
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Absolutely not!

frustratedwithhmrc |
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Sometimes accountants/clients get it wrong



littlemoaner |
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