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HMRC Terms & Conditions ... what ??

Submitting End of Year PAYE Documents On-line:

This year for the first time I noticed - has it always been there? - a tick-box agreeing to be bound by Terms & Conditions before being able to proceed to submit PAYE end of year documents.


1. the employer is required to submit online and

2. it is not possible to pass beyond that page without ticking the box to agree

Can these terms and conditions be binding?

What can these terms and conditions be?   Isn't the relationship between employer and HMRC governed by law?

Has anybody read them?

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Can you read them - is there

bernard michael |


ACDWebb |
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7500 words

macdougall |
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How many T & C's have you

bernard michael |

Long terms and conditions a current plague

DMGbus |
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