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Holiday for a single middle aged accountant

It has been such a long time (years) since I went on a holiday. I really need one now.

As many know I am a single middle aged male. I do not know where to start in terms of holidays for singles.  I did google and found organisations like solos that are geared for single holidays.  I am not sure about this.

I am sure I am not the only single middle aged person here. They are bound to be others. I would be grateful for ideas (outside single specific organisations) where a guy like me could go on holiday.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • Cycling or walking holiday within Europe/UK. Though I am open to other options on destination/activity
  • Italy is my favourite destination
  • I do not drink - so wine tasting/beer holidays are out
  • I have never been into loud music so that is out 

If anyone has gone on single speicfic holidays what are they like?  Would you recommend this?




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girlofwight |

Solo's Too!



sholman |


FirstTab |
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Ha ha .. why taboo!?

Steve Holloway |
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neileg |

Have a look at Explore...

Catherine123456 |

Wanderlust mgzine

uktaxpal |


sally1964 |
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Just been to a client this morning ....

Steve Holloway |
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Consider joining CTC

Chris Smail |
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George Attazder |
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same problem...

SamanthaGore |
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Have a look at Spice

Roger Peak |

Your next holiday

Peter Tuppen |

Singles holidays

davidheath |

you know it makes sense

lh3f9764bg1g |

Or Disneyland

The Minion |
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Oak Hall

Tosie |

Singles Holidays

lordburnside |


La BoIS Saint |


peterlashmar |
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holiday options

liz mccrory |

what does it tell you about

SamanthaGore |
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Exactly this

Catherine123456 |


cy2clops |

You great people

FirstTab |
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taxation4 |

possibly the Holiday Fellowship?

pata |

If going to Italy check out

uktaxpal |

dont forget Venice for plenty

uktaxpal |

Italian lessons

jeh |

Another vote for Exodus

Moo |

Little Paris-Riga,Latvia

uktaxpal |