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We are considering as a practice moving our existing server applications and data onto a hosted desktop or hosted server provider.

We have our existing server for about 6 years and it is well past it's sell by date for an upgrade but still functions ok although some

of my fellow colleagues regularly complain about the speed of the server.

So we are thinking of either upgrading or replacing our existing server or moving the whole thing onto the cloud.  Personally I think the latter

is going to be much more better in terms of speed and cost as it will cut out our own time in maintaining the server and reduce cost of

bringing in outside IT support, plus as we've recently upgraded to BT Infinity our internet speeds can well cope with an online server.

I just wanted to know has anyone done this recently?  What have your experiences been like?  And can anyone recommend a particular provider of

this type of service?  Has anyone used Hosted desktop uk ltd for example?

Thanks for any help on this.

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We use Hosted Desktop UK

ShirleyM |
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+1 for Hosted Desktop

Adrian Pearson |
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Another vote for Hosted Desktop UK

Essex FCCA |

Hate to be boring but......

Paul Scholes |
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Dare I ask

MikeyBaby |


Paul Scholes |
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Kryton |
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Horses for courses

Paul Scholes |
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Funnily enough....

MikeyBaby |

Hosting & Backup

Kryton |
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Just in case

Paul Scholes |
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Thanks all

MikeyBaby |

Also mobile 3g/4g and tablets

AlwaysonBooks |
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Dont forget Data Protection!

bencooper |
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EU Data Centres

Hosted Accountants Ltd |
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A description of a hosted desktop

iandc6 |
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who we use

Cloud Accounting Expert |