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How to ask two questions?

If I send company accounts, tax return and tax computations in an email asking for the clients OK and a personal tax return and tax computations in another email asking for the OK, If I am in luck I usually get one of the emails answered. Clients seem incapable of answering more than one email.

If I ask a client if the attached company information is correct AND ask them for the SIC code(s) in the same email I usually get an answer to one of the questions but not both.

Am I overestimating client's intelligence? Should I include more than simple questions? I was thinking I could put a form in with a yes/no option and a box for the code. Should I colour the questions to make them more noticeable?

Should I give up on trying to get evidence of a clients response and phone them and ask them the questions? I could always record the conversations!

It's not even 9 am yet!



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I know what you mean!

Moonbeam |
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Check list for them to complete

Moonbeam |
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Use numbers

andy.partridge |
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Upgrade your clients

neileg |

Not just age

B Roberts |

textual analysis

Red Leader |
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Curse of the i-phone

Ken Howard |

Make it easy to read

taxhound |
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Same problem here. Had a

DavidGilligan |

keep it simple

Lancsboy2 |


BigBadWolf |
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Some very good ideas

petersaxton |
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Highlight missing info in red

Flash Gordon |

Q&A sheets

KH |
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Good idea

petersaxton |
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Perhaps ask each client as

Alonicus |

Good idea but ....

petersaxton |
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SMS text, anyone?

John Stokdyk |
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petersaxton |
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