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How can you close down a limited company real fast?


My friend have a Limited Company since 2009. For 2 years, 2009 and 2010 the company has been dormant. He opened an on-line website to sell products to customers. Some customers paid by phone with stolen cards for some products from the on-line website and now Streamline (the card processing company) sent him a charge back for those money because the real owner of the card complained that he did not authorise any transactions. The real problem is that the cards used in the process were Corporate cards from USA and the customer asked for the products to be shipped to UK. So, in this case, you can not expect that the delivery address will be the same with the address where the card is registered. Because this friend of mine does not have this amount of money, and the products are shipped already, can he close down the company real fast and avoid that charge back. Of course he does not want to declare the company bankrupt because this will affect his personal credit status and maybe he wants to open another company in the future. The company is not VAT registered. I was trading in the last 3 months. There are no assets, but there are under £1,000 in the company's bank account.  Can somebody please advise, if he can close the company down and how to do it in a legal way, fast and without complications? 

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