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How to deal with all the kissing

I regularly attend business networking events and there are 2 men who specialise in grabbing each woman they come across and kissing them.

As a woman I am presumably supposed to be glad, grateful someone cares, honoured to be attended to in this way, or something else that eludes me. I note these men don't kiss the other men. The kissers are not unpleasant in any way, but seem to feel they have the right to do this, and that makes me rather angry. I have been thinking of how to tell them that I don't want or need to be kissed in future. If I don't do this soon I am liable to give one of them a right hook instead.

What form of words would you suggest?


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Why not...

George Attazder |
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I tend to...

Constantly Confused |
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Whilst there's no bigger flirt than me

Time for change |
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kiss off

Red Leader |
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You should worry ...

gerrysims |
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It's not just the men either!

Moonbeam |
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Grope them

Flash Gordon |

What would men say to another man who tried to hug/kiss them?

Moonbeam |
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Being realistic about my looks........

ChrisMartin |
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You're lucky

zarathustra |
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Highlights of the female condition

Moonbeam |
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make the excuse of eating

uktaxpal |


Abacjm |

Politely say No

FirstTab |
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Doesn't bother me ....

Steve Holloway |
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avoiding a social kiss

Supotco |

Couple of suggestions:

Chris Wise |

People stay well clear of me

Roxanne Wralls |
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Thank you!...

Moonbeam |
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And I thought it was just me!

Ermintrude |
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as a fan of Japanese management techniques

The Minion |
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jeremy.knott |
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justinelaws |
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How exactly...

George Attazder |
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I read this post with

mm01 |

Social Pecadello

Nick E Morgan |
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The revolting habit of expecting to kiss on meeting

Hansa |
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If only a kiss were all I had to deal with

kalewis |

Good on you MM01!

Moonbeam |
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Not professional

thisistibi |
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Sharland |

I have been in this situation

beverly chester |

It isn't a friendly gesture in the meeting scenario

Moonbeam |
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I personally think that the

Catherine123456 |

The Hand-Crush Shake

Ermintrude |
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I like Catherine's suggestion

Moonbeam |
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Ah Catherine, men kissing men, just as ridiculous

Democratus |
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weaversmiths |
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Not a power thing

thisistibi |
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thomas34 |

@ thomas 34 - Shudder

Democratus |
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