How do accountants collect money for tax return work only?

I do not bother with monthly Direct Debit payments for clients who only require tax returns (SA100 and SA800) to be completed. The fees charged for these does make it worthwhile. Thankfully I do not have many of these. 

I have some  of clients they tend to be husband and wife (landlords), I charge them £1000+VAT for tax returns. I am thinking of asking them to go on monthly Direct Debit.

I would be grateful to find out how accountants collect money on tax return work. Do you:

  1. Collect by DD?
  2. If not DD do you get the money in advance? (I don't - poor practice I think). If in advance at what stage do you ask to pay. Just after then signing the tax return?
  3. Do you put ever client on DD? I am thinking anything collecting through monthly DD any thing over £500+VAT.

How do client's view monthly DD for tax return work only?


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How much?

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