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How Do I Encourage Mr X to Sign Up?

2 weeks ago a charming Graphic Designer rang me, as a result of a referral from another charming client. He said he was a one man band, self employed and thought he was paying his current accountant too much. He might also be interested in passing on the bookkeeping to me. Tax return for 2012 has been filed and y/e is April.

Based on a brief discussion, I quoted him £700 for tax. It transpires he is paying £1,100 at present. He presents data on a spreadsheet to Accountant, who has not apparently raised any concerns.

Good, I thought. I then said from the few statistics he'd given to me about his bookkeeping, I could do this for £230 plus VAT a quarter fixed fee. His stats seemed remarkably similar to an existing Graphic Designer client (whose bookkeeping I do for the same fee.) He said he would like me to see some of his schedules, and I foolishly didn't get it at the time, but I now realise this was an indication that he thought the bookkeeping charge was too high.

He said he would get back to me, but I got his phone number and email address before he went.

Since then, I've emailed him to say I was keen to see the schedules he was going to send me. I haven't heard from him since.

I liked him as a person, and have already told him it could well be in his interests to go ltd.

How should I tackle him further to get him onside?

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Two possibilities

Flash Gordon |


Moonbeam |
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I agree with Flash

ShirleyM |
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Id argue the other way...

Jason Dormer |
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Jason That Could Be too Pushy!

Moonbeam |
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Quit the mind games

cparker87 |

an important lesson

zarathustra |
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why not email him

Kingsgrove |

You might have blown it

andy.partridge |
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Ask the referrer

christopher_knight |

and don't forget to thank the referrer!

christopher_knight |

Good Point about asking the referrer to help chase

Moonbeam |
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George Attazder |
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christopher_knight |

It's OK Christopher

Moonbeam |
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People are busy...

CatherineR5 |

Don't push too hard

asillahi |

Potential client

copperfield.21 |

Find out

gerard.dejong |

1/.Was he on a fishing

welshman |

Why are you asking us to

john.jepps |


Flash Gordon |

Add some value when you go back

tomhorigan |
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What Excellent Comments!

Moonbeam |
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ShirleyM |
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Bookkeeping reduces tax time?

susanna russell-smith |
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keep in touch with him - in a way that is value-laden

alisonatintuit |


Moonbeam |
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Prospective new client

patricia caputo |
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may just have got a better deal with his old firm

coolmanwithbeard |
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Move on

jiatbanus |