How do we make our catering business viable when the vat you pay Hmrc is so vast?

We have a catering franchise at a golf club and our 2nd vat 1/4 is upon us & vat will be due once again. Can anybody shed some light on how to make the ratio of payments to Hmrc versus what we can claim back more in our favour? Our last 1/4 we paid over £4k and could only claim back round £400.00!!!!
Surely this ratio is incorrect.?
Continually paying at this rate will seriously affect the viability of our business ?
Any help/ advise welcome.


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Make your pricing work for you ...

dbowleracca |
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Hi there

pjclar02 |

Flat rate

mackthefork |

seems to me you are only just over threshold (annualised basis)

Tonykelly |
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Them's the breaks

Roland195 |

Cash accounting?

Peter Bonetti |

Definite winner

mackthefork |

My guess is

mackthefork |

Cash flow could be an issue

Peter Bonetti |

Existing Business

Bagas.Ynnya |
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James Hellyer |
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James is correct

petersaxton |
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Worked example

James Hellyer |
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Bambi burger?

Steve Kesby |
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Devon is expensive!

James Hellyer |
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petersaxton |
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