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How do you analysis bank accounts when producing accounts?

Hi everyone!

I was talking with someone earlier who said that at the firm he works at they use Sage Accounts Production to analyse and reconcile bank accounts. The firm I work with uses an excel based program which isn't exactly ideal.

I was just wondering what everyone else uses to analyse client bank accounts and how does it work for you?


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These days....

Paul Scholes |
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Dont do it

happy |
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Client records dictate treatment

Jimess |


shwinky |

simplest way

Tonykelly |
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Simplest way?

Jimess |


cparker87 |

not necessarily

Tonykelly |
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loguie668 |

To expand on previous point

Paul Scholes |
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Interesting topic that's cropped up before

John Stokdyk |
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lh3f9764bg1g |

I'm a bookkeeper. For all

sayersdave |



Free ABC Accounts Books

MartinLevin |
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Bank accounts analysis/reconciliation

stewartr |

BankLink's pretty neat ....

AdShawBPR |

Client bank records

Jimess |

Bank accounts and book keeping

Roy Price |

AutoRec software for scanning bank and CC statements

BrendanWoods |