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How do you arrange Partnership Agreements?

I've obtained a client who has no Partnership agreement in place. As a tax avoidance measure, with some good commercial reasoning to boot, it has been proposed to admit several long-term employees into Partnership.

The current Partnership has no agreement. The intention is to have a two tiered system whereby the current Partners are "Senior" and entitled to a higher profit share than the new "Standard" Partners. It is also intended to have allotted "Salary" rates for each Partner based on hours work with residual profits in a profit share arrangement.

The Senior Partners have power to vote (jointly) to remove any Standard Partner.

My first suggestion was to use a law firm so as to absolve us of responsibility.

I guess I have two questions:

  • Does anyone else generate Partnership agreements in-house without a qualified Solicitor?
  • What would be your expectation of costs to implement the above agreement using a Solicitor?

I have no issue drafting it personally. However my only concerns are whether I can provide "due care and attention" without the legal basis and what our insurers may think!




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On your own head

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Money well spent

Roland195 |

That's what I have done in the past but...

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To an extent

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Other issues

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Drafting a partnership agreement

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Not as simple as that

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Most key warnings given above

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You might also want to look

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