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How easy is it to get a gross certificate?

I have a client who works in the Construction Industry and has, up until now, only worked for private individuals - however, he now has a contract with a company who want to deduct 20% from his income.

The amounts we are talking about are quite large so he would prefer to be paid gross - so I called HMRC and they said no problem, the director needs to call the CIS helpline and a gross certificate can be issued after going through a few questions - sounds easy.

However, the client has called HMRC today and spoke to what it sounds like was quite a nasty piece of work and was told things like 'surely a director should know this sort of information' and 'how basic do you want it to be?' which, if this is true, is surely quite insulting!

In the end my client put the phone down on the guy and is no nearer getting a gross certificate - I know that he needs to satisfy the 'turnover test' but seeing as his turnover is nearly #250k he should do that!

Can anyone offer any help or advice in this situation?

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One of our clients got a numpty on a CIS refund a while ago

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Send them a form...

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Briefing client

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Construction income

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Application for Payment

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