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How to get a Practice Certificate?

Hi All,


Can anyone advise me as to how I can go about getting a practice certificate to be able to set up my own practice?

My understanding is that you dont have to be qualified in ACCA, CIMA or ACA to be able to get one.

I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, CAT (ACCA's equivilance of AAT), Nearly completed CIMA ( 1 paper remaining),a nd around 12 years of working in industry in corporate finance aswell as around 20 private clients.


Completion of CIMA route is long term plan but need a "in the meantime" certificate.


i have been doing work on the side for people I know but now i think its time to register properly.  I have set up a limited company, registered for data protection, HMRC money laundering registration, and PI si in place. This is my last step! Please correct me though as my understanding is that wih my current set up I can still do what I do for small businesses (VAT, payroll, ltd co accounts, self assessments etc) but nothing with requires an audit. Is it correct that only when you enter the audit territory you need to ensure you are fully qualified and other certifcates?


Many thanks! 

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Hi All,

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Little value

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The Institute of Certified

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Chartered without certificate

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What's the worse that ACCA

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