How has 2013 been for you and what are your expectations in 2014 ?

With 2013 coming to a close. What has been the highs and lows ?  When you reflect on the last 12 months has it been a good or poor year ?

What do you expect in 2014 ?

For me still being relatively new to being a sole practioner and learning the game. 


Built up useful practice knowledge after spending years in industry. Have set the foundation for growth as well as understanding the niche market I would like to aim for.

Picked up some small IT international clients that have good prospects for 2014. 

Setting up outsourcing facility in India

Made some useful contact that may bear fruit in 2014 (I hope)


Losing a Major client (as well as an interesting one)

Should have picked up more clients but lacked focus and direction

No strategy on Marketing

Overall it has been good year from a business and personal point of view.  Done a lot of travelling and socialising.

For 2014 I do need to pick up many more clients and to concentrate on the marketing.  What about you. ? 

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up and down

garforth |

Pretty good and more of the same

Kent accountant |
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Courage of convictions

Ken Howard |

Great Expectations? What the Dickens!

I'msorryIhaven'taclue |


sash100 |

Nice comment

sash100 |

A year of changes

tom123 |

2013 was new start

AccountancyMarket |
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