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How to leverage contact list

I am in practice for a few months and want to up the ante on my marketing. 

I have recently set up Google Apps for Business and in the process have consolidated my contacts from various different sources. I have over 600 contacts, most of whom I have met in real life. Others have connected through LinkedIn etc. I've done a lot of networking over the years and I also have quite a few ex-colleagues.

While I would love to add all these names to my newsletter list or send them all a mailshot, this smells like spam to me. I've received plenty of newsletters that I didn't subscribe to and it drives me crazy. However, if someone was to send me a personal email, I wouldn't mind. 600 personal emails would take forever but it may be possible to segment the list and send a slightly different email to each.

I'm doing some research on the best way to write an email like this to capture the recipient's attention, have a clear call to action, not to seem just like any other accountant and not to seem desperate!

Has anyone tried something like this before? Was it successful? I saw from a previous post that someone sent a letter to their 50 closest contacts (Nifty 50) and it worked well. This would be an extension of this to contacts which aren't as close.

Would you consider it spam to receive an email from a contact you met a few years ago?




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