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How to manage clients?

Hi All,


Hoping you can help me.


I have recently started a part time practice and now have over 20 clients and increasing week by week. Apart from the obvious such as self assessments and payroll P35 returns that are all consistent in submission times for all clients, I am struggling a little to keep track on when other tasks are due for each client, i.e when VAT return is due, CT returns, Annual return, etc.


I am looking to invest in a diary management software or a crm software in which I can set up my clients as a one off and each time a VAT return is due, it reminds me, etc.CT reminder, annual return, notes for clients, etc.


Right now, i am having to look through my list to see whether anything is due and this will become difficult if i keep growing the way I am.


Thanks guys.



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Paul Scholes |
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Btc tax and practice

CWservices6064 |


wilcoskip |

Excel is simple but effective

ShirleyM |
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There is a free CRM system available

SteveOH |
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email reminders

Tosie |

company monitoring

ksalter |
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