How many ACCA Professional level exams did you take at once?


I just wondered how many ACCA exams at professional level did everyone take in one each 'sitting'. Did you work full time along side them? Did you employers give you study leave?

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ACCA Exams

Craigie_Bhoy |
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There are 5 papers in the

accountslady |

Hi there,

aaron01 |

Old system but...

Ken Howard |


blok |
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When I qualified the final

stevebaker22 |

Two per sitting

Deranja |

Great thread; and have you seen our Student discussion group?

John Stokdyk |
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It all seems easier now than it was

tony grubb |

ACCA exams

l.laakso |

On the old system, and the slightly less old system ...

jonbryce |

Two by two...then one

craigbell |

ACCA is completely devalued now

Acctsgen |