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How often do clients thanks you? Really?

I have been in practice as a sole practitioner for 18 odd years-dealing with small businesses and I would say job satisfaction is poor in the feedback area. One does ones very best, but how often do clients thank you for a good job-or even dare I say, tip you!

A plumber who does a good job gets praise and a tip-same with many professions-but accountants? It seems we have an unenviable profession in that we deal with everything-making sense and structure from it-reduce taxes in everyway possible-present it all in a meaningful way and thanks –well not in the picture.

I think from most small business point of view our job is seen as a unnecessary cost which only produces bad news-what the tax bill will be. Or am I wrong?


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Nice post and in agreement

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Job satisfaction

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Some very nice thanks

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Actions not words that matter

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What do you expect?

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Dying profession....

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It could be worse . . .

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raise your game!

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I can't remember the last time I wasn't thanked!

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