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How is the practice market

I currently work in industry, an OK job (if a little tedious) with a reasonable salary for the area (Cornwall). I used to work in practice so have some idea of how things work (or at least how they did 10 years ago!). I am seriously thinking of starting my own practice and was wondering what the experience of other recently started practices have been like; is there plenty of work out there? Is competition fierce? Do charge out rates make it worthwhile? etc etc

Any feedback gratefully received.


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I personally wouldn't jump ship at present.

Jekyll and Hyde |

Have a good read

Canary Boy |
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Canary Boy

petersaxton |
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Move into practice? - have you got 12 months

Kent accountant |
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Daffy Duck |
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Go for it

taxhelpukcom |
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Fortune favours the brave

jon_griffey |
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Prepare for Low Balls!

agknight |

Part time

petersaxton |
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Chocks away: Achieving freedom from the 9 to 5

taxhelpukcom |
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go for it

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Part time to start with..........

keyplus90 |