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How to report non compliant company accounts?

I'm getting fed up of seeing non compliant accounts on Companies House website. This is particularly annoying on the odd occasion when a set of my accounts has been rejected for a trifling reason. Also follows the thread about being rejected when the "limited" or "ltd" is used wrongly.

I'm not talking about stupid irrelevant things.

Just seen a set of accounts that had no analysis of current assets on the balance sheet - which should have been split between stocks, bank and debtors, but just said "current assets". The notes refer to FRSSE but don't say which year (annoying because I've had rejections for saying the wrong year, but apparently ok to say no year!). Then, no comparative columns on the balance sheet nor on the notes page. How did it get past quality control?

Last week I saw a set of accounts where the balance sheet totals didn't balance. Again, what is the point of Co House quality control if they let through something so glaringly wrong.

A while ago, I saw a set of full accounts which should have included cash flow statement and relating notes, but they'd simply not been done - the words were there, but absolutely no numbers - clearly been left to be done at the end of the job and then promptly forgotten!

Is there a particular person or dept within Co House that we should be reporting these contraventions to?

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Top 5 five filed too much once

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Smaller firms problems

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Medium size firm problems

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Many such examples

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Don't waste your time

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Marketing opportuinity....

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Write a letter

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Waste of time

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I've recently picked up a

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What do people suggest as a

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I've seen abbreviated accounts.....

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No-one seems to give a toss....

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No-one seems to give a toss

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