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How to set up an Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme (EMI)?

We are general practitioner accountants with reasonably good tax skills, but we are not full-time tax specialists.

We are meeting with a client to discuss incentive schemes for key employees, and will be looking specifically at setting up an Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme.

Is setting one of these up something that would be relatively straightforward for us to handle, or is it necessary to get a tax specialist with experience of EMI's to handle it?

Thanks for advice on this.


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It's not especially difficult

Steve Kesby |
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It can be .....

mark hodges |


Paul Scholes |
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Buy the scheme documentation

halblackburn |


JamesPrice |

and to continue

mark hodges |

EMI scheme

stephenAburwood |
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Yes you can, but be careful.

dwgw |


sh@thehersh |

Backdating EMI SCheme

Marcrallen |

EMI Scheme guide

Alex997 |
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