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How to Set Up Umbrella Company



I work in IT and have no knowledge of doing taxes. I have been a contractor for sometime and always had to get an umbrella company to do my taxes. and they charge from £20 a week to a lot more......

with my case the wages was the same each week as the hourly rate, and the amount of hours worked never it seems easy to it got me thinking what do I need to know and learn to set up my own umbrella company....?

has anyone got any experience on how to set up an umbrella company and specially the tax and wage calculation side of it? I have heard some accountants sends their work to India....I am from India and can always hire an accountant to do some work for me in India....

I'd highly appreciate your help..... any info is welcome as so far I don't have any on setting up this business....


Kindest regards


(the reason I want to set this up is that I have been made redundant many a times and want something on the side to make extra cash...I am willing to put lot of time into it ).....



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I don't know if you are going to get a lot of help on this site.

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Umbrella company

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Stick to what you do best

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A lot more to it...

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Well said Kye...

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As a comparison

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Setting up your own Umbrella Company

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