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How to transfer funds between companies


Hi all,


I have a general question regarding the most efficient way to transfer funds between 2 ltd companies.


My situation is that I am the sole director at a small ltd company. I am looking to set up a new ‘buy to let’ company which will focus on purchasing properties and renting them out.


I want to use the capital in my current company to fund the new property company. Is it best to start a completely new and separate ltd company for the property business? Or would it be advantageous to have 1 of the companies as a ‘parent company’ of the other?


In effect, the current company makes approx 100k pre-tax profit. I want to transfer 50k into the property company. If I transfer the 50k before the end of the company tax year, will company 1 pay corporation tax on 100k or 50k?


Is there a way to make the 50k transfer come off the profit of company 1,thus reducing the corporation tax bill?


What would be the most efficient way to move the 50k into the new company?


Any ideas / suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks  

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Loan between companies

DMGbus |
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Loan between companies

luke1979 |

A loan has no effect on profit

DMGbus |
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Don't forget the associated companies rule

dialm4accounts |
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