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Husband wants to go 50:50 with wife on company ownership

One of my clients who has 100% ownership of his limited company, wants his wife to have 50% ownership of the company.

The company has been trading for three months and has not made profits at this stage.

The husband currently owns 100 Ord Shares in his company:

  1. Would it better to issue 100 ord shares to wife or  transfer 50 of his shares to his wife?
  2. They would be no tax implications since the company has not been a profit? Does HMRC needs to be informed? If so, what is the process?



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Much more to consider than this

Roland195 |

You also need to consider

The Innkeeper |


colinhigginson |

is it ok to..............

pauld |

Not necessarily

Roland195 |

Would this be okay?

FirstTab |
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Phil Rees |
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colinhigginson |

Not how, if

Roland195 |

lets rewind here people are getting uppity

carnmores |
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Carnmores is spot on

JCresswellTax |
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A shareholders agreement

bernard michael |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |

If this is soley for

MikeH |
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Because it is a big deal

Roland195 |

Agree with Roland

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