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Hyperlinks in an Excel doc stored on Sharepoint

Hi, I'm using Excel 2007 and have some hyperlinks to other sheets of the workbook in my file.  However, they keep breaking depending on whether the workbook is checked out of Sharepoint or not - because if the document IS checked out, then its file path is to my local folder, but if its NOT checked out, the file path is the website.  So if you create them using one, then they break when you open it the other way.


I've tried creating the links via the right click > insert hyperlink function, and also using the hyperlink formula wizard.


Any ideas?  Is there another way to take me to another sheet of the workbook without using a hyperlink? (or without a macro - our company has very tight security settings and macro enabled workbooks are a right pain for people to open...)


Thanks for any advice!

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I have tried to replicate

chetan |

Thanks for the reply

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In your excel options check

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Chetan,  thanks so much for

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Solved...sort of

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