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I have a friend who...

I work with an ACCA student.

He is from overseas and to stay in the UK needed to earn over a certain amount each year.

To hit his earnings thresehold, he started a small business doing tax and accountancy for small businesses outside of his day job.

He now has a visa - but not his qualification yet - so he winds up the company by striking it off and is concentrating on his last exam.

Trouble is, he has done this whilst owing circa £2k in CT!

I have tried to point out to him all of the problems with his activities to date and his plans going foward and that he has and is committing all sorts of "punishable offences" but as a memebr of the ICAEW I cannot access the rule book he is subject to and he refuses to listen to me as it doesn't suit him.

Can anyone help me point him in te right direction and give me guidance and what - if anything - I should do.



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ACCA rule book

davidwinch |
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I'll be blunt.  Steer clear.

Fred Smith |

I had a friend.....

pawncob |
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its too easy

david5541 |

Undertakings to Companies House

johnpaylor |

As an ACCA student he could

Outofpractice |

i am delighted to hear

carnmores |
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Constantly Confused |
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I had a friend...

Constantly Confused |
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no wonder you are constantly confused ;-)

carnmores |
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ACCA Rules are clear!

Yvonne_70 |