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I know we have been here before, but honestly!

1.  Received a request in the post for a loan application this week.  No name on the form, just a reference number for them.  I rang the Building Society and they could not tell me who it was for and "couldn't really discuss it at all" as it would breach security.  I suggested that if they wanted an answer they needed to do something!

2.  Received call from HMRC - "please can we speak to someone about Mrs X" - yes, fine - "before we speak, we need you to clear security" - yes duh, but YOU rang ME - "well, we can give you a number you can ring us back on" - and how exactly does that prove anything?


I know this has been covered before, but surely if HMRC ring the phone number that they have for the agent then that is enough security, in the same way that when we ring them, we don't epect them to jump through hoops.

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