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I think a client has sacked me!

Hi. I recently wrote that I had completed all self assessment returns bar one and they hadn't sent me any information.

I am now updating this story......

I was on my agent login on HMRC website and clicked on said client to see if they had had their penalty charged yet. I was surprised to be informed that a tax return had been filed on 31 Jan. I assume it was the client themselves although I dont know how as they hadn't any login details.

I am obviously still entered as their agent as I could see their record and this is my problem....

There was a link to view filed return (which I didn't click on). Am I allowed to view it as I haven't filed it? Is my name linked to this record? What can I do to ensure I am not liable to a faulty return?

The reason I ask is that I have the clients self employment records and I haven't informed them of their profit (accounting or tax) as I haven't completed the accounts yet as I wasn't sureĀ I would be paid (which obviously I wont be!)

If I am allowed to check the return and find an error I am obliged (I think) to report it under money laundering regs, is this right?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

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Sorry for bing dim

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Money Laundering Regulations

davidwinch |
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I got lost, too

ShirleyM |
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Stop panicking

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Sorry for bing dim

Fijon158 |

Leave it.

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