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Importing transactions into Sage line 50

Our client operates in a specialist field where they take commission from money landing in their client account and then pay the balance on to their client.

They use a package specially written for their industry to handle the client relationship, payments and commission calculations. We have been entering the resulting transactions into an accounts package conventionally. We understand that it is possible to import transactional information into Sage.

As this is a client account situation we are looking at a) importing receipts information into the creditor's ledger, b) importing our clients commission invoices transactions to the creditors ledger and c) importing the payment of the balance to their clients to the creditors ledger.

Has anyone any experiance of importing transactions into sage line 50 and have any wisdom they would like to share?

We have seen that line 50 comes with some import templates for supplier and customer master record type information.


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