Inlaws live in France - do I put UK pension on their UK return?

My inlaws moved to france several years ago and complete both French & UK tax returns (I do their uK return, a french accountant does the French side of things).

They are in a business partnership (UK based) with their sons. They receive income from this partnership, plus they also receive UK state and private pensions.

Do I need to include their UK pension income on their UK return? A french accountant I spoke to said that they 'take their pension to france with them' and therefore it appears on their French return & not their UK one... is he correct? I have been including their UK partnership income AND their UK pensions on their UK returns, and they appear to be taxed on the pension income twice - both in the UK and in France.

Should I be leaving this pension income off of their UK return?

Many thanks in advance....



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French accountant is incorrect

paras007 |

The UK state retirement pension can be exported to France

taxwriter |

yes.... I think my fatheri n law has completed said form....

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foxtrot |

I am that French accountant |


southgirlaccountant |

Overseas pension

Greenheys |
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Agreed - my error

paras007 |

i think to be correct HMRC need to see

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foxtrot |

And, belatedly, to complete

foxtrot |

Don't confuse state retrirement pension and other Govt pensions

taxwriter |

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