Interim 2013 Tax Returns submitted as NIL

Dear all

Our accounting firm completes self assessment tax returns. We have come across a few cases where we have not received full information from our clients in order to submit their 2013 tax return. One of the reasons for this is because they requested their bank statements which can take quite a long time to get. Another reason is because their receipts are in storage/spread across different places and they are finding it hard to retrieve the same.  

Therefore, by the end of January 2014 we may not be able to submit an accurate tax return. We were planning to submit NIL returns for each of these clients ie showing nil income and nil expenses instead of making estimates under each category of income & expense. We would then make a note in the submission to the tax office that we are still waiting for further information from our client and will resubmit the accounts once we have received it. This way our client avoids the penalties kicking in for late submission of the tax returns.

Has anyone followed this type of procedure? If yes, what was the tax office’s reaction to this?

I will be most obliged to hear the experiences and views of other users.

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They have had since 5 April 2013

ACDWebb |
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Agree with the above.  Except

johngroganjga |
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Nil returns

adramforall |

Don't do it

halblackburn |

Whose fault is it that the return is late?

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