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iPad 2 - IOS 6.1 Update failure ....

Just tried to upgrade my iPad 2 to IOS 6.1 - after all Apple sent a message to the device saying the update was available

Result - totally stuffed the iPad & now nothing works

Evidently there is an issue with the upgrade that Apple have known about for a copule of days - SO WHY SEND ME A MESSAGE ABOUT THE UPGRADE

Anyway just watch out if you have an iPad 2 & wait for a patch/fix before installing

Apples really are generally losing the plot at the moment - their share price has bombed (equivalent to entire capitalisation of M$ or Google) and they are getting a number of other things wrong

So much for all thos Apple evangelists for whom this company can do no wrong !

Not impressed



etc - do Google search


Edit Update

Just spent best part of 45 mins on the telephone to Apple & have an appointment at one of their stores in 2 days time - they cannot do earlier; too busy, and the rest of us are not busy ?

Cheeky so & so's started talking about a £25 charge because the device was out of warranty. Changed their mind when I suggested a 'class action' for £100's from everyone owning an iPad 2 because of time wasting caused by Apple's IOS failure to install properly

What a shambolic company - perhaps they will go the route of RIM (Blackberry) - certainly deserve to !

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