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IR35 client not toeing the line: What would you do?


I have a client who is, in my opinion an IR35 case but client does not agree with this.

Client invoices his client through the Ltd Co. 

The limited company also owns 2 UK properties.

Client will not prepare their books under IR35 regime, but instead puts every claimable item through his book-keeping and expects a full tax deduction for it.

Client has "employed" his wife to manage the 2 rental properties (at £20K a year) and is putting her wage through his Ltd Co under the rental property cost center.

Further, client has just leased a car for him and a car for her, hers going through the rental property cost center and his going through his cost center.

How would you deal with this client, when they are clearly claiming for items that would not be allowable under IR35?

I had thought of getting the client to sign a disclaimer stating that I had advised an IR35 approach but would operate on the clients instructions providing they indemnified me against all outcomes.



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If you believe he is misdeclaring his income then

justsotax |

What is your understanding of IR35?

Euan MacLennan |
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Two separate issues

cfield |
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good last post

mr. mischief |
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We are indeed in an impossible position ....

Steve Holloway |
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I forgot that

mr. mischief |
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professional bodies should

uktaxpal |

No more "guidance" please

cfield |
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only for standardisations

uktaxpal |

Many Good Replies!

JasonN |

Often accountants understood IR35 less than contractors

ringi |

Letter of Rep

Ken Howard |

Contractors knowing best

cfield |
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unfair contract terms act

uktaxpal |

sorry Chris I used the term

JasonN |

It's not your problem

davechaplin |

MLR risk (or not)

davidwinch |
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Tom 7000 |
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