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Iris OpenSpace - anyone using it?

So I have been using Iris OpenSpace for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I am VERY impressed with it. My intention is to use it to approve all client documents going forwards and do away with hard copies (exception is abbreviated accounts until VT enable us to file direct to Co House - for now I find it easier to print out and get client to sign than use the pesky Co House online accounts filing process, but maybe that's just me!).

My question is can I use OpenSpace for all my client document approval needs? This would include the below. 

- Engagement letters

- SA 100

- CT 600

- Statutory accounts


Or does anyone think I still need to have hardcopy approval for any of these?

The Iris OpenSpace FAQ's state the below:


Is electronic approval legally binding?


Yes, we have developed e-Approval in IRIS OpenSpace to be fully compliant with the Electronic Communications Act


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Since the start

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thanks Paul

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approval solutions

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We've been using it since it

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Other alternatives

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