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iXBRL Do It Yourself

I'm sure I have seen on Any Answers before someone boasting that they had set up iXBRL tagging themselves and I wondered if this was possible and not to taxing to do. I only ask because I have my own spreadsheets set up for converting TB into Accounts and I wanted to convert them to create iXBRL rather than relying on my spreadsheets then converting them to VT or whatever.

I'm fairly computer literate and real Whizz with Excel, but definately not a software developer/programmer.

Many thanks in advance


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Yes, it is possible but ...


You can self tag any Excel workbook with VT

vtsoftware |

Simon Hurst had a go

GaryMc |
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Thanks Gary

John Stokdyk |
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Thanks all

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar |
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self tagging

Neil Douglas |

Self tagging can be easy

vtsoftware |

Why not just use VT?!

Steve Holloway |
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Probably not

jonbryce |

ixbrl with excel

iain.mcgregor |