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ixbrl problems

What do other accountants recommend for ixbrl.  I use sage accounts production, i only have 5 ltd companies.  I pay about £400 for support which i only use really for the ltd company accounts.  I had to get a new computer last year as it needed a 64 bit computer.  Now the new sage says there is not enough ram on this new computer and also sage will not support windows 7 home only windows 7 professional  The whole ixbrl thing is getting past a joke, software and hardware costs.  How difficult is it to use the inland revenue software?  How do you tag existing accounts??

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Replace Sage with VT

ShirleyM |
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Comprehensive accounts

alattax |

Not so bad when you're used to it....

Attfield |

Another vote for VT



ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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where do i find Vt

chancewind |

Google is pretty good

ShirleyM |
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sparkler |

VT every time

travisguy |

HMRC website

howarthco |
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too heavy!

hertofpractice |

iXBRL managed tagging services

sandeepjohn |


julianansell.hotmail |

Cheapskates like me use HMRC

KH |
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Correct - SAGE is NOT recommemnded

DMGbus |
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I can honestly say

Anthony.Evans82 |
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Narrowboat |
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If you aren't sure about

Jayaprakash.M |