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IXBRL, what does it change for me?


I have been trawling the web for answers but I am still a bit in the dark on IXBRL.

I have a limited company that doesn't have a lot of activity at all, just some very simple income and costs is all what's in the accounts.

Every year I do the webfiling and I submit a paper version of my accounts to HMRC.

Now the new IXBRL thing comes in and:  http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ct/ct-online/file-return/xbrl-guide.pdf  this guide is not very clear in my opinion.

Can somebody maybe explain in bulletpoints:

- If I can use the free software by HMRC to file accounts?
- Is there any reason for me to buy any software to be compliant with the iXBRL  standard?





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ChrisDL |

HMRC software or VT

Gladstone |

Beware TWO lots of software costs!

DMGbus |
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Lists of exclusions

DMGbus |
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Neil Douglas |