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The Joke of CIS Tax and Limited companies

Anyone else fed up to the back teeth with the pathetic method HMRC adopts in paying CIS tax suffered to limited companies?  Daft question, I'm sure there are.

Yet another client of ours waiting for THEIR money to arrive from HMRC for tax suffered, 3rd phone call to HMRC only to be told that they're currently dealing with post from the end of May - its the 16 August!  I'm sure pretty much every accountant had pulled their hair out over this, isn't it a disgrace that companies have to not only submit their P35 to reclaim tax suffered and write in complaining of 'hardship' that they have to then wait 4, 5, 6 months for their hard earned money to be send out.  Imagine it was the other way round?  HMRC would have debt officers at the door demanding payment. And why should they have to write in anyway?  Surely a P35 is sufficient?  Computer system identifies tax due; computer system agrees with this; computer system issues repayment; clients bank account credited within three days; happy customers.  

One rule for one etc, its about time something was done about this!



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I agree

taxhound |
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Just a thought...............

nigelburge |
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Can i ask what number people

Ned Ludd |

What HMRC said in April 2012...

DMGbus |
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Cant wait to see this system

bigmuggsy |

"New system,"

DMGbus |
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Total Mess

ianlethbridge |