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Late Company Accounts


I wonder if someone can help.

An old client has come back to me recently in relation to his company accounts. The last year that we completed was November 2008. He thought the grass was greener elsewhere and moved to a different practice for the November 2009 accounts but for one reason or another it hasnt worked out.

So, he wants to come back to us. In addition when I requested the November 2009 accounts from the previous accountants they were utter rubbish. They declared a bank balance of £80k when in fact the business was overdrawn and are unable to provide a P&L of any description - its rubbish!

Notwithstanding the argument of whether my client can make a complaint about his old accountants I am trying now to sort the mess out.

Is it possible for us to go back and resubmit the November 2009 accounts and move things forward or are we out of time in relation to this?

Any advice would be grateful?


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You can revise the accounts

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