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Late P35 form

I filled in P14 and thought I had successfully filled in P35 form on line, on time.

On th 3.05.2011 I logged onto HMRC web site and had no doubt that I had completed the forms P14 and P35.

First notification of the 'failure' was received on 20.02.2012 over 9 months after the deadline of 18th May 2011. 

The fine that has been levied is £800.00. 

On 20.02.2012 I entered the HMRC site to find that the P14 had been recorded as being successful but no record of P 35 had been logged on the HMRC site. I completed the P35 which now shows a completion date 20.02.2012  

When I first went on line on 3.05.2011, I printed out the P35 summary page which shows a date prior to the deadline. 

I have submitted an appeal which has been rejected. In the Justification by the inspector he notes 'In your letter you state the end of the year 2010-11 return P35 was submitted before the deadline, however online services records show that you had logged on 5th May 2012 but did not submit your return, no successful submissions were made until 20th February 2012.......' The date as underlined above has not happened yet and is an error made by the Inspector. The date in the letter he refers to is in fact 3.05.2011.

All tax and NI due, had been paid in full and on time. No additional tax or NI is due to HMRC

 I think this is a rip-off by HMRC and is far worse than wheel clamping 

I have been given a choice as follows

  • To have an independent review of the inspectors decision or
  • To submit my appeal to the Tribunal Service

Can anyone help me


    All tax and NI due, had been paid in full and on time. No addittional tax or NI is due to HMRC  

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Somewhere on aweb

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To give you some hope, in

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Whilst not on all fours with your case

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Fine is capped at £100...

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Reasonable Excuse

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The wording of the concession....

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