Limited Co - Pensions contributions and low salary ?

I'm not certain about this and would appreciate the benefit of community members wisdom.

One of my clients - a limited company - one shareholder / director is looking at some pension arrangements.

My understanding is, he can get tax relief on personal contributions up to amount of his relevant earnings £7 300 (max £50k) in his case because he also receives a dividend.

Otherwise his company makes a contribution for him, which can exceed the £7 300 stated above up to £50k as long as the work he does is commensurate with that level of pension payment.

But it would have to be a company pension scheme so will need the help of an IFA.

Grateful for feedback.


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Doesn't have to be a company scheme

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Have a look at HMRC guide:

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Thank you for your feedback

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Limited Co - Pensions contributions and low salary ?

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Excellent feedback, thank you.

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