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M and N - so near and yet so far!

Are any other readers being affected by trying to file data at Companies House electronically? It would seem as though upgrades to their systems now enable them to identify new and wonderful discrepancies between the information we supply, and that that they have already entered. If the previous accountant supplies all previous filings, this is not a problem. If they don't, we end up having to buy the original filing for a £1 to see what was filed. Today we had a discrepancy because the paper form had gone in years ago with an "n" that was entered by CH as an "m". 

Choice a). File the annual return with the correct information, have CH report an inconsistency on the company public record, and then to get this removed pay another £14 to have the record amended back to the incorrect information.

Choice b). File a correction to the director's appointment, then file the annual return with the correct information.

Choice c). Write a letter to CH and ask them to amend, though they will helpfully point out they have the right information. Aargh...you have the wrong information that someone with poor handwriting or someone with poor eyesight misinterpreted years ago.

Any readers from CH want to post a reply? Surely CH could be a little bit more flexible here?



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