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Making engagement letter simpler......

I use a standard engagement letter for all clients (I am a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland). For unincorporated clients, this usually runs to about 8 pages plus an Appendix for a fixed price table for services. Sections covered include client responsibilities, our responsibilities, tax services, other services, money laundering, fees, retention of records, electronic communication, data protection, quality of service/complaints, agreement of terms. I doubt if clients read anything outside of the price on the Appendix! For limited company clients the letter is longer with Companies Acts duties and references.........

I'd prefer to have something as simple as "here is what we will for you" and "here is what you must do as part of the deal". Is it absolutely necessary to make these documents so "legal" looking and difficult to read for clients? I am all for a new approach to this but slightly fearful of not covering myself too.

Any help/comments/examples greatly appreciated folks!


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Lovely idea but...

Flash Gordon |

I'm sure

memyself-eye |
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Put the interesting stuff up front

Paul Scholes |
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ACCA and ACA are way over the top compared to other professions

Ken Howard |

I'm with Flash Gordan on this

SteveOH |
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bookmarklee |
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Terms & Conditions

thacca |
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